Nina Perales, lcsw 

I studied to become a therapist in order to work directly with people for change. I studied theory and research to know what most effectively informs this change. The mindfulness approaches of DBT, ACT, and yoga have the components of values-driven action and assessment by efficacy. Most recently I have incorporated UX design work to approaching improvement. UX design is about curiosity, reframing, and reiterating ideas, which shares so much with mindfulness and acceptance. Taking these evidence-based practices and linking them to behavioral health in a primary care setting leads to bountiful impact for teams and patients. 

Areas that can be addressed

Chronic Health Conditions
New diagnosis
Making healthy changes in behaviors
Weight concerns
Attention and focus
Sleep problems
Sexual health

Social Engagement
Starting new relationships
Social anxiety
Stress, worries & nervousness
Feeling alone

Sexuality and Gender Diversity
Coming out
Gender identity

Acute trauma
Past trauma

Depression and Anxiety
Feeling down
Worries and panic

Borderline Personality Disorder
Emotion regulation
Relationship effectiveness
Slowing down with mindfulness
Getting through stressful situations

Being highly emotional
Romantic partnerships
Family dynamics
Negative thinking & self-esteem

np, licensed clinical social worker

np, licensed clinical social worker

I am a Tejana from Austin. I studied at the University of Chicago for both my undergraduate and graduate degrees. I am grateful to have spent so much time at such a graceful and thoughtful campus, one which shaped me into asking questions and standing up for change. I miss being near the campus so very much! 

Along the way I have held positions in the film industry in Los Angeles, at UT Austin in family research, at non-profit organizations in Austin, Texas, and in Las Vegas as a Behavioral Health Specialist with Iora Health at Turntable Health. Being part of a solid team culture integrating behavioral health in a primary care setting was a unique opportunity to make innovative changes while "restoring humanity to healthcare." i continue this integrated work with caremore health in santa clara county, ca.

All of these roles have allowed me to understand many facets of life that contribute to our identities. I am so very grateful to my many mentors along the way and aim to keep spreading love and support. We all want to matter and I endeavor to show that to all of you.

You will grow and change. I am excited about supporting you through it.

Gracias y Namaste,

Nina Perales

Licensed in Nevada (6613-C) and Texas (54420). California licensed.
For any questions about my licensure please reach out to the respective State Boards.