Like a fish in water

Actually, don't be quite like that. This video is a visual representation of a speech about the power to change your perspective of life. As with most change, it starts with the challenges of life and shows how to get through them. It's much simpler and harder than it seems but not impossible.

The message that comes out is about observing life with awareness. Don't overlook or take for granted the experience of today by being the experience. Rather,  with mindfulness, observe it and participate in it. Don't become so engrossed that the experience becomes unfulfilling.

If this makes sense to you and you want some additional support, then maybe find therapy, yoga, meditation, or other artistic endeavor that deals with mindfulness. If this doesn't quiet make sense AND you want to figure it out, then go seek the same endeavors of mindfulness.

Be a fish aware of the water. 

Gracias y namaste,