So I am in Las Vegas now. Working at a wonderfully caring clinic that provides primary health care and includes wellness prevention and maintenance as part of their model. I get to offer some of that wellness goodness with the team by providing therapy, yoga, and meditation. Check us out turntablehealth.com It is my hope to partner with The Center in Las Vegas to provide hormone treatment and serve as a supportive environment for the community. 

Since moving and adjusting to this new life I received feedback about my initial post on gender and sexual diversities. I realize that I didn't include Asexual and instead only listed Ally. I also realize that the very nature of a gender and sexual diverse community means that an ally doesn't necessarily need their own letter to be included; their sexual and gender identity conforms to the cisgender heterosexual social norm. I respect that fully. And I also know that from my experience, when I learned of the ability to have a place with the community as an ally I felt tremendously relieved. I didn't previously know I could be included.

I know that I am not oppressed for my gender identity or my sexual orientation in our current society.
And I know that I am the minority when I am invited into a queer safe space.
And I know that to be an ally means taking action and participating.

And I know that I fully appreciate being able to participate and show my support. So with all the respect, admiration, and deference, I leave the A on my page because being an ally allows me to be part of the community. It's one I do not take for granted and it's one for which I make no assumptions. It is a role of service for the community. 

Nina Perales