I do think of you.

The funny thing about therapy is that the moment the relationship becomes successful, it's time to end. It's a process of getting to know each other and sharing information that builds a unique kind of intimacy. It requires boundaries on the part of the therapist to keep that intimacy safe.

And when the time comes that the goals have been accomplished and the talk starts to sound like "chit-chat" with a friend, it's time to end. It's a hard call to make.

I still want to see you. Especially the people who have had that standing appointment every week at the same time; I've looked forward to collecting you from the waiting room and walking back together. I look forward to hearing your jokes, stories, progress, success, and especially your increased observation and problem solving skills for the "slip-ups." I miss sending you off and wishing you a good week. 

I still remember Mondays at 7pm, or Wednesdays at 9am, or a collection of lovely people on Thursday mornings. One year I worked part of the day on my birthday because I really enjoyed the group of people I met with on that day. Now of course, this can go the other way, too. There might have been days when missing an appointment meant "avoiding" the difficulty of the work. And to that I remember the process and that everything is part of the therapy, including the difficulty. In the end, always, I enjoyed getting into the hard work with you.

Since moving to Las Vegas, I am especially missing the people with whom I worked in Austin. I can't expect you to call back in a few months or years to reconnect at Waterloo. I wonder how your new relationship is going, how your family is doing, and what the wedding was like. I wonder how it went coming out and what kind of fun you're having. I wonder if anxiety is under control and if grieving subsided. I wonder if you're being honest and true to yourself, if you're remembering your power, and engaging in self-care. I hope that the non-judgment is strong and mindfulness at play. I wonder about the transition and how your party with new friends went. 

So I didn't forget about you. If I saw you in public, I'd keep your privacy but how I'll smile and be happy to see you. And in all the time since we worked together, I do hope you still see you.

Namaste, mi gente.

Nina Perales