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 Hola. Howdy. Namaste!


New city means an updated website so I've moved around some pages and cleaned up others. From my mother I've inherited the connection between your environmental structural space. Like her, I tend to move furniture and rearrange my house all around. It's amazing what that does for your psychological well-being. There's safety but because it's newly arranged, you have novelty. 

So here's some more information about me. Let me know if you have any questions.

I grew up in Austin; I am Tejana. I trained at the University of Chicago as an undergraduate ('AB 01) and graduate student ('AM 10).  I worked at non-profit organizations, in the corporate sector, in the film industry, and in academia. All these experiences inform my understanding of life and career transitions.

I like to breakdown emotions into their various components, namely where they come from in the body and the message they're giving to us.  As a Latina I am a bilingual English/Spanish speaker and use a multicultural context for therapy.

During my second year of graduate school, I joined Jeff Bear, a fellow graduate student, at Emotion Management Program to study with Dr. Paul Holmes. We were intensively trained in:

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)  Relational Frame Theory (RFT). 

Dr. Holmes taught the techniques of these contextual behavior therapies and also modeled compassion, awareness, non-judgment, and acceptance of the client (i.e. us students!) as doing the best they can.

I was privileged to study with Dr. William Borden who is a highly esteemed scholar in psychodynamic theory and practice. Dr. Borden taught the respect for the theoretical framework of therapy practice. Respect for theory is at the heart of the University of Chicago culture. He emphasized the importance of knowing the research and writings behind the applications we put into practice. By doing so we could better navigate particular concerns of the individual to best serve them.

I received two years post-graduate training at Waterloo Counseling Center under the supervision of Rick Laskowski. Waterloo offers affordable counseling with an expertise in gender and sexuality concerns. I love my work at Waterloo where I served the LGBTQQIAP community. 

I continue DBT group practice at Turntable Health. I also participate with colleagues in private DBT group consultation.

I've attended an intensive training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) from the founders of the model.

I continue to learn in theory and practice. Feel free to ask questions about my background as you are interested.

I began practicing yoga in 2003 with Bryan Kest in Santa Monica and completed my first yoga teacher training in 2007 in Austin. I began teaching donation-based classes at Esquina Tango Austin. I have taught public and private classes to groups and individuals

I like to dance (like at the Bollywood Bash, Tango, and anywhere playing cumbias), practice yoga, and eat great food, especially my mom and sisters' food.

I explore various ways to bring change to my own life and like to share that with others.

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