Mindfulness Today Series: Dance or watch somebody else

Changing your behaviors can feel "hard" to do. When the change is something new or unfamiliar it can be scary so we avoid it. However, having new objects or actions to capture our attention does indeed start the same "fear" system but with an extra bit of energy for motivation and attention. Kelly McGonigal talks about using this part of the stress response to help us instead of feeling overwhelmed.

When we have something novel to watch our brain loves it! We are usually so lost in our minds and thoughts that we fail to capture these novel events on a daily basis. 

Check out this video on how a mundane experience of crossing the street changes to something more engaging and even if for the briefest of moments, we are mindful of our environment. 

So the next time you're thinking about making a change, practice looking for the "little" things that you can change to make to novel and fun.

Gracias y namaste,