DBT is effective for change

DBT works by changing your beliefs while feeling validated.

Several Studies Demonstrates That DBT Shows Promise For Clients With Borderline Personality Disorder And Other Disorders.”

Different aspects make DBT effective - individual therapy, group skills therapy, length of treatment and the strong orientation that happens at the beginning.
— Social Work Today

An Emphasis On The Development Of DBT Skills And The Cultivation Of Psychological Flexibility May Provide Beneficial For The Amelioration Of Anxiety Symptoms

Where getting active and following through on behaviors is helpful for depression, DBT skills and getting creative about change can help with anxiety.
— Webb, C.A.. Beard, C., Kertz, S.J., Hsu, K.J., & Bjorgvinsson. Differential role of CBT skills, DBT skills and psychological flexibility in predicting depressive versus anxiety symptom improvement. In Behavior Research Therapy. June 2016. Vol 81, pg 12-20.
DBT Demonstrates Efficacy In Stabilizing And Controlling Self-Destructive Behavior And Improving Compliance.
— — Panos, P.T., Jackson, J.W., Hasan, O., & Panos, A. (2014) Meta-analysis and systematic review assessing the efficacy of dialectical behavior therapy. In Research on Social Work Practice. March 2014 Vol 24 (2) pg 213-223

[DBT] Is Currently The Only Empirically Supported Treatment For BPD.

It has also been shown to be effective for many other dysfunctional behaviors.
— Jennifer M. May, Toni M. Richardi, And Kelly S. Barth (2016) Dialectical Behavior Therapy As Treatment For Borderline Personality Disorder. Mental Health Clinician: March 2016-Personality Disorders / Open Submissions, Vol. 6, No. 2, Pp. 62-67.

Effective for all types of behavioral change. 

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