Prices and Schedule


Group Rates
Paid at the start of each month

DBT First Intake Session
Workbook included ($25 value)

DBT Individual Sessions
$105/55-minute sessions

Group Time & Day
2 Saturdays/month 9-10:30am
3-month minimum commitment & rolling start dates
** Limited space available. Please call for details.**

DBT Bootcamp
$105/3-Hour Workshop
Next class: September


Time to talk and ask more questions about how DBT would work for you. Click here to schedule.

Dedicated sessions to get you ready for group We take 1-3 intake sessions to learn about the group set-up, assumptions and expectations from the members and the therapist. This is required to starting the group.

Learning cool skills with weekly and active participation in the skills group. There are rolling start dates and yours will be determined during the orientation sessions.

Individualized attention with one-on-one therapy sessions. We use diary cards to focus on target behaviors to change.

If you have an individual therapist already, I request written permission to consult with them.

Medication check-in with your medical provider. Nina requests your written permission to consult with your provider for full team care.

Help in "real" life by having telephone coaching calls with your individual therapist. One of the most unique aspects of DBT, these calls are meant to help problem solve and apply skills in between sessions.

No additional fees for these calls.

Assurance your therapist is sticking to the curriculum because your therapist needs accountability, too. Another unique aspect to DBT asks that your therapist be held accountable for effective care. Nina is part of a group of therapists trained in DBT that meets weekly


Why do I need DBT?

DBT is the premiere evidence-based approach to helping people suffering from emotions being out of control and burning out relationships. These traits are commonly captured under the diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder.

Does DBT only work for people with BPD?

No. You don't need this diagnosis to benefit from the skills. This therapy was initially created for people had those traits but in reality, they are human being skills. 

Why is it so expensive/long/detailed?

This is an intensive program for addressing intensive interfering behaviors. Most people who need DBT are suffering - they can't keep relationships, jobs or even their health. Often there is major despair and self-harming behaviors to alleviate that despair. For that reason, we need to dedicate much energy to that suffering.

How do I know it will work?

There is no guarantee of a "cure" by any therapy out there. DBT has been the most effective for BPD for many people when they follow the standard program (read more below.)
People are successful when they do all the homework, apply the skills, and stay consistent. It might not work for you if you don't have the financial and time resources to dedicate. That's okay. It really does work best when you're 100% ready

Are you ready?

DBT requires commitment. Most people have been suffering for so long that the work required by DBT is better than continuing to live in such a way. 


It will take time.

This is a marathon and not a sprint. Sometimes it feels like it's taking too long. The skills build on one another so that over time you continue to feel confident.


It's not too late.

The brain is capable of change. With support and using the skills, many people find relief in their suffering to heal and live the rest of their lives more fulfilled.


Learn something now.

Let's say you're not they type of person to make a request. Or it's difficult for you to say no to people. Consider this:

  • You have the right to make a request at any time and a right to decline a request made of you.
  • You may not always get the answer you want AND that doesn't stop you from asking.
  • Others may not like hearing, "No" and that's okay.
Live a life worth living.

That means finding acceptance in order to create change. This is an intensive program for addressing intensive interfering behaviors.

It's worth it. 

Many people with BPD traits have often experienced trauma. The ineffective behaviors usually come from avoidance of pain and emotional suffering. If you're ready, then we will confront emotions in a safe way to find healthy recovery. 

Imagine a life worth living.
Your life is waiting.

Change is possible.