Finding the most accurate description while taking into account your experiences and the other person's experience.



We have been hurt. If your wounds are still raw, then therapy can help. We can address issues around trauma, invalidation, gender identity, relational dynamics, sexuality, and so much more that comes with life.


There is usually a cause to most of our concerns. Not blame but instead an understanding of the source. Getting education and information about the behaviors, thoughts and feelings you're experiencing is a large part of change.

Calm and in control.

Anxiety is such a a big word and can be overwhelming. Instead we'll learn how to reframe the stressors in your life, identify how your desires or needs are unmet and then find effective ways to take control.


Sleep. Eat well. Make connections. Get active.

These are the basics for life and when you're living these, you're living fulfilled. 

Mindfulness means being aware. 

For approximately 99.9% of the people with whom I have worked, it comes down to this:

We want to matter.

Perhaps you are feeling guilty, ashamed, embarrassed, or alone. You might be feeling depressed, hopeless, or angry. Or let's say life generally feels great and you have many accomplishments, yet there is something just a bit off. These feelings might be arising from a lack of supportive friendships or family relationships; they may be coming from remorse about your behaviors or feeling uncontrolled in emotional situations. Whatever the case may be, you feel alone and as though somewhere, someone has indicated that you don't matter.

Therapy is here to help. It will help identify those barriers that get in the way of mattering. It will identify your past experiences and hopefully offer an opportunity to process them. It will help identify thoughts and behaviors that are myths and which need to be replaced.